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Iwase Family Diary Saturday, January 8, 2022

Fumiaki Miura, a world-renowned violinist, came to shoot the documentary video "Making an Ideal Bow".

Fumiaki Miura was performed at the hearth after a dialogue with Tovic Co., Ltd. (the parent company of the stringed instrument bow manufacturing company "Arche"), Mr. Yuki Hori, and Mr. Kunitaka Ose, a bow craftsman in Gokayama. ​

The elegant Stradivarius tone played by Fumiaki Miura echoed in the black smoked zelkova and fascinated the viewer.

It was a time when Gassho-zukuri and Stradivarius, both of which have passed about 300 years, resonated in the same space after the same time.

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