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History of the Iwase family


-The appearance that has not changed for 300 years-

The Iwase family was built about 300 years ago, spending eight years. At that time, Choemon Fujii, who played the role of Kami-boiler who collected and delivered the salt niter of the Kaga domain, went to Tenryo Hida Shirakawa-go to Kaga Hyakumangoku. It is also said to show the majesty of.

Gokayama, where the Iwase family is located, is located in a valley surrounded by many mountains, and it is said that the Heike deceased who lost the battle of Genpei about 800 years ago fled.

It is said that as many as 35 large families lived until the Meiji era, which shows the majesty of being said to be the largest in gassho-zukuri.

The Iwase family was designated as a national important cultural property on May 14, 1958.

In December 1995, both the Suganuma and Ainokura villages, which are close to the Iwase family, were registered as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites as valuable cultural heritage that should be preserved for posterity.


The remains of the Iwase family, which have been protected for about 300 years, continue to tell the history of the mountain people as they were, along with the beautiful scenery of the mountain villages.

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