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About the Iwase family


-Japan's largest 5-story gassho-zukuri-

The entire Iwase family has a frontage of 14.5 (26.4m), a depth of 7 (12.7m), and a height of 8 (14.4m), and is a five-story building.

The large black pillars are made of zelkova, which is one shaku (30 cm) square, and the zelkova material is also used for the floorboards of the 24 tatami mats. It is made by tying it up ​.

The name of Gokayama comes from this terrain, which is lined with villages along the valley that runs through the mountains. This area, which consists of five valley villages, is called Gokayama using the Chinese character "ka", which means valley.

Gokayama is a land with a lot of harshness rather than the kindness of nature. People have lived close to the rigors.

The symbol is a house called Gassho-zukuri. The shape of the steep roof, which looks like a combination of hands, makes it easier to remove snow in this area of heavy snowfall, and the interior is divided into several floors.


Our house is a quasi-five-story building, and the third to fifth floors are sericulture workshops. In addition, the floorboards on the upper floors are openwork plates to make it easier to raise the warmth from the hearth.

Please listen to the explanation of the owner at the end of the hearth while feeling the warmth of the fire in the hearth that is still burning.

You can take a commemorative photo at the back of the hearth.

You can purchase Gokayama's special products such as pickled red turnips and horse chestnut senbei, as well as musical instruments such as Gokayama Japanese paper products and folk craft Sasara .

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